Cuba in photos

A place with as vibrant a history as its citizens. The cities crumbling facades and faded pastel paints contrasts with the lively feeling in the streets and pulsating energy. Music can be heard on almost any corner and travels into the countryside will open your eyes to what a diverse and beautiful gem of an island this country is. Todos es posible en Cuba is a phrase you often hear which means: All is possible in Cuba! 

The following is a collection of my favorite photos taken while traveling around the Eastern half of the massive island!

All images © 2017 Lily Montemarano


Taken in Vedado, Havana. Cuban citizens do not mind and/or are used to having their photo taken. This child and her dogs  were in the perfect pose!


Daily life in Cuba. A woman grumpily waiting for customers.


A busy street in Havana. Life is never too busy to have a chat with a friend though.


Children in Cuba take their soccer very seriously. As my friend and I sat on a nearby bench there was more than one occasion where the ball went under our seat and the children quite literally started playing on top of us.


Classic cars are everywhere in Cuba. Although there are newer cars as well, the classics are the ones that add the real charm to the cityscapes.


Entrance to the historic Colon Cemetery in Havana.


Fresh air is abundant here in Viñales as well as towering mogotes and rolling lush tobacco fields. I could have spent days enjoying these precious views.








At the end of a long journey to find the Cueva del Palmarito, this young local boy happily led us to the final few steps to our destination.


Having a chat with this lovely young girl and her mother in Viñales.


At this point in the day I was so tired from hiking I wanted to snuggle up right next to this farm pig and take a nap myself!


School children hanging out in the small, lesser visited town of San Diego.


La Popa, short for Ermita de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria de la Popa del Barco. A ruined church now in the stages of renovation and reconstruction (as of Feb 2017).


A local man enjoying the breeze and people watching in Trinidad.


A local woman and her dogs. This is a common site all around Cuba.


The old town of Trinidad.


In a hidden courtyard behind a ramshackle museum, men gather and play Domino.


People are so laid back that they thought nothing of me pulling up a chair and watching them have their game. They didn’t mind that I took photos either.


Dogs have a lot of independence in Cuba as well.

Local fisherman in La Boca, Cuba

A local fisherman in La Boca trying to sell cuts of his fresh fish. I held this fish and it was SO much heavier than it looks! I had to balance it on my knee just to keep it upright!



More locals chilling out.


Couldn’t help snap this photo of this sassy young girl in Trinidad.


The falls at Vagas Grande, Topes de Collantes. The water was SO icy but incredibly refreshing after hiking down the very steep trail. This is only about 45 minutes outside of Trinidad.

All images © 2017 Lily Montemarano


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