The Traveling Lily

Graffiti wall close up of girl making a kiss face

Abandoned graffiti building, Bainbridge Island, Washington

What’s a “Traveling Lily?”

A traveling Lily is a 30 something, high energy, happy, hippie of sorts. She’s fun, open to adventure and really excited to go all of the places! She loves neon colors, taking chances and has an unquenchable thirst to see the world and a passion for capturing it. Amongst talking to strangers she also loves to laugh and is super budget savvy. Embracing alternative travel and finding great deals are amongst some of her many talents.

A girl standing by the ocean and mountain Maui

Coastline, Maui, HI

Living life one adventure at a time

I always envied those people who traveled extensively for months, even years on end, never imagining I could be in their shoes. But I’ve proven to myself that it is possible and I’ve made it my reality. Now things like “I want your life”, “I live vicariously through you” and “what you’re doing is amazing” are said to me regularly!


Starfish, Puerto Rico

The photographer

It’s probably not surprising that my love of travel goes hand in hand with a profound passion for photography. Growing up I was inspired by my grandfather’s ancient of collection of National Geographic Magazines. The images of all those exotic, wondrous places inspired me deep in my soul. It’s no wonder once I was old enough to buy plane tickets I started traveling and snapping away like crazy! Here’s a post with some of my best landscape photos.

Girls on a rainbow painted crosswalk

Rainbow brick roads in Seattle’s “gayborhood,” Capitol Hill

Join the journey!

Want to be an arm chair traveler and enjoy the sites from the comfort of your home? Or get inspired to hit the road and make your own adventures a reality? On this kick ass blog I’ll be sharing all of my crazy travel stories, like this one here. Everything from detailed itineraries to personal tales on a road which I hope to make more colorful as I travel down it. Keep an eye on new posts with email alerts!

Alamere Falls, Point Reyes peninsula, Northern California

Alamere Falls, Point Reyes peninsula, Northern California

Want more?

Still curious as to who this free spirited, sometimes mischievous, vagabond is who prances from plane to train to automobile? Get to know a bit more about my journey in this post: Who I am, Why I am Here. Share and follow my blog and get in touch with me via comments or EMAIL ME!

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  1. I found you in the Commons and followed you home. Hope you had a good night’s sleep after all your exertions. I know what you mean. It takes me ages to get my head around all this stuff and suddenly hours have gone! But your page looks great.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes indeed! It’s like one link leads to another link leads to an article then I start trying to edit and figure out widgets or this or that! AH! I can’t believe I looked outside and it was daylight! haha, now I’m back at the computer trying to read others posts and share the love 😉


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