Things I’ve Learned

A few of the things I’ve learned in 32 years on this strange, little, beautiful planet…

Many people are afraid to follow their dreams.

Railroad tracks at sunset

Railroad tracks, Northern Nevada

Many are also afraid to let their friends/loved ones follow their dreams..they might discourage you out of fear.

ocean and rocks along the northern california coast line

Northern California coast line

Much like Dorothy trying to make it to the Wizard of Oz, life is filled with obstacles. 

mountain at the end of a long road

Back road in Gerlach, NV

I can overcome all of them. We all can.

Sunset, La Push Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington

Sunset, La Push Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington

The ones I can’t overcome, I can accept, make peace with and take another route (sneaky loophole: I am in some form still overcoming said obstacle by finding a way around it!)

Hoh rainforest

Hoh rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington

Life is one giant reflection pool. You get back what you give out. 

reflection of island in water

La Push Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington

Being a giving, loving, generous and compassionate person will genuinely make you feel wonderful and make the world a better place

Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach, California

It’s OK to let yourself be vulnerable. In fact I encourage it. The only way to find true love (of any kind) is by being open. Being guarded to avoid pain, rejection or loss will keep you stagnant and lonely. You have to take chances.

White mushrooms close up in forest

Olympic National Park

Every time you’re hurt, you learn and will grow stronger.

Big tall tree

Olympic National Park

It’s so important never to be TOO COMFORTABLE! Change comes with challenges, challenges promote growth, growing helps us to become better versions of ourselves. Becoming a better person makes you happy, it makes everyone around you happy (giant reflection pool, remember?).

la push beach sunset

La Push Beach, Washington

Every once in awhile you have to give your life a haircut. In the same way you have to cut off the dead in order for your hair to grow and become healthier, you have to cut out unhealthy relationships, negative people and perhaps even excess things and clutter in your life as well. This makes room for positive and nurturing relationships you need! 

A large tree in the Hoh rainforest

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington

To be courageous and take chances, despite that sometimes gut wrenching fear, trust and move forward.

Open road with mountains in distance sunset

Open road, Northern Nevada

It’s OK to fail, it’s also OK to change your mind and realize you want something different. It’s also OK to not know what you want, but to try new things anyway. This is part of our growth.

Railroad crossing signe

Railroad crossing, Nevada

No one ever really “figures it out.” So don’t stress yourself trying to get to some fictional, unattainable place. I’ve talked to people all backgrounds, ages and career status… It doesn’t exist!

A sign that reads: confusion hill

Fun signs on the road in Northern California

Things work out best for those who make the best out of how things work out. Perspective is all we really have and luckily we can choose and control ours. The slightest shift in how you choose to interpret things makes ALL the difference.

a rainy marsh in nevada

After the rain, somewhere in Northern Nevada

Look around you as much as possible! I’ve missed out by staring at the ground while walking to work or fiddling on the phone while on a scenic car ride. Life is happening, don’t miss it!

Pink red sunset

Nevada sunset

Never forget to be grateful and embrace gratitude. For everything, the good and the bad. Life is a gift.

Sunset in Nevada

A breathtaking sunset in Nevada

Everything will be ok.


All images © 2017 Lily Montemarano

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  1. Yes! I needed to see this list today. It’s like you took everything I have been thinking and overthinking about for the last few days and wrote it down for me.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are a super ball of shining light. You have opened my mind to the world and I’m so glad I found these posts! Just remember to share your gifts and never hide your light!!
    Lots of love!


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