Like the Photos?

Thanks, I’m flattered!

All the photographs on this site are taken by me, unless it’s a photo of me or unless otherwise noted.

Please contact me if you’re interested in using my images. I would love to collaborate and hear your ideas.

hands making a heart in the water

Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, Australia

All of the photographs on this blog were taken by me, the author and photographer, Lily Montemarano (unless of course its a photo of me…in which case a random stranger or travel friend probably took it.) All rights are reserved by the photographer. Please do not download or use this work without permission, photo credit and link backs to original work and never for commercial use without contacting me in advance. All images © 2015 Lily Montemarano

Thank you so much for your cooperation, respect and understanding.


All images © 2017 Lily Montemarano

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