$Free.99 tip of the week!

This $free.99 tip of the week will help keep both your pockets and the planet green!

Bring an empty water bottle with you on your trips. Better yet a reusable bottle or thermos. Once you get through airport security you can fill up at a water fountain and save the inflated $3 or $4 bucks that they’ll get you for in the airport.

If you’re going to a country where the water isn’t safe to drink, kick it up a notch and invest in a bottle that has a filter built into it. These products are increasing in popularity, will save you heaps of money and will help to reduce all the nasty, plastic one use bottles polluting the planet.

I found a nice selection on Amazon and even more innovative ones on Kickstarter such as www.wellybottle.com. Companies such as this one will donate to a clean water charity for every bottle purchased!

Just remember every dollar saved, as little or as big as you may think it is, will bring you that much closer to making your travel dreams a reality.

Free.99 tips of the week are designed to save you money, time and make travel easier! Stay tuned for more weekly tips and travel stories. Follow my blog with email alerts so you don’t miss out!

palm trees

Want to learn how to use a credit card for some $free.99 travels?  Yeah ya do! Click here.

$Free.99 tip of the week is a part of a weekly rotating topics series. Touching on everything from travel tips, local insight on NYC, character profiles, photo essays and research on mind blowing places to visit.







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