$Free.99 tip of the week

Satisfy your hunger without having to sacrifice a home cooked meal

Did you know you can take your own food on an airplane? Yes! You can! Many people don’t realize it because they are asked to throw out liquids before going through airport security and assume that must be the same for all foods, but they would be wrong. With the exception of traveling with produce or seeds between countries you can generally bring your own eats!

So next time you are running out the door to catch that flight, take a minute and pack a sandwich and some snacks! Have some leftover pasta in the fridge? Heat it, pack it and wrap the container in foil so it will stay hot and watch as your seat mates envy your home cooked meal while they nibble on a sad packet of pretzels. If that’s not an option you can also grab a cup of instant noodles or oatmeal at a local store. Flight attendants will generally provide you with hot water to cook it with.


$free.99 tip of the week is a part of a weekly rotating topics series. Touching on everything from travel tips, local insight on NYC, character profiles, photo essays and research on mind blowing places to visit.

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  1. Well the things you learn that you didn’t know. I would never have thought to take my own food on a plane with me. I do travel cheap and don’t often buy take out meals as they are usually tasteless and leave you feeling hungry not long after the last swallow. Hmmm good food for thought.

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