The Albany Bulb: Art, Nature and the Wild Urban Experience

On a dull gray day in California I walk through what was once a haven for the tramps, the gypsies, the homeless and the home free.

The remains of what once was survives to tell their stories. Colors pop, sculptures dance and the rubble lay beautifully strewn by the still waters edge.

This place, vivid as a dreamscape with a story to tell. I conjure up the residents: creative, troubled and talented using this discarded landfill as their canvas for expression and as their place for community and home.

Tales of love, loss and remembrances live on in the stone. I found here a beauty left in the destruction.

To learn more about The Bulb, it’s residents, history and meaning to the community visit:


Albany waterfront trail sign

This worn down sign waits to greet you upon your journey



Nature has grown wild, overtaking the landfill.




Pretty Girl


Tribute to Ted.jpg

This concrete slab has been used as a tribute to a dead friend.




Door Drawings


Lock Key Chainsaw




Rock Face






Exploding Sun Mosaic

Sun burst mosaic




Maze 2

A maze with a shrine in the middle.




Bicycle Sculpture

Sculpture with moving parts.



Rotating metal pinwheel


The Albany Bulb Sculpture

Pinwheel sculpture


The Albany Bulb Sculpture


The Albany Bulb Sculpture

Scrap metal and wood sculpture. Stands around 12 feet tall.


Sun Worshiper

Large 12 foot sculpture




2 Gentleman


The Albany Bulb Sculpture

Lone man sculpture around 10-12 feet tall




The Albany Bulb Sculpture


graffiti man


The Albany Bulb Sculpture

Vines begin to overtake this doorway to one of the last large standing structures.


Inside Structure

Inside one of the remaining shelter structures


Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircase from the roof of a still standing structure



A letter from a Bulb Resident




The Albany Bulb Sculpture

Follow the yellow brick road


Yellow Brick Road

The Yellow Brick Road


For more info on this truly unique place and it’s history go to or check out this great video Where Do You Go When it Rains

All images © 2017 Lily Montemarano

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